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Shots Across the Bow

Man Overboard- How Likely are You to Fall off a Cruise Ship? When you consider the number of cruise ships that are at sea at

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Four Florida-based cruise lines have been ordered to pay over $400 million in damages to an American company for “trafficking in stolen property” in Cuba,

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Let’s begin by stating the obvious. There is going to be a good time to be had on any cruise line, as long as you

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Cruise News and Articles

MSC and NBA Franchise Partner Up

MSC Cruises is now the official cruise line of the New York Knicks.  The cruise line and storied NBA franchise have reached an agreement that

Norwegian Announces a $500m Public Offering

On the heels of Royal Caribbean restructuring some of its financial commitments with its lender, we are now seeing Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings announce a

Shots Across the Bow

Security on Board Cruise Ships I could only imagine the number of moving parts that must come along with trying to run a cruise ship,

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Cozumel Mexico sits on Mexico’s famous Yukatan Peninsula.  A truly unique destination that offers everything you’d want from the rich history and culture from Mexico,

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Historic Island that it is the smallest body of land that is shared by two nations.  The Dutch Sint Maartin covers approximately 13 square miles

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Cruise News and Articles

Utopia Of The Seas Keel Laying

The Laying of the Keel for RCCL’s Utopia of the Seas The evolution of a cruise ship coming into existence is full of milestones.  As

Guys Burger

Funderstruck Isn’t Just a Marketing Campaign Its also a BURGER.  It wasn’t always a mandatory part of a Carnival Cruise, but over the past 5

Carnival Magic

Trouble In Paradise- A Brawl on Carnival Magic What happens on vacation stays on vacation, expect if it’s a threesome.  At approximately 2am on board

After Several Failed Attempts

After Several Failed Attempts, Heavyset Drunken Cruiser Goes Full Time into Cruise Content “7th times a charm, no?” Said cruise podcaster Tommy Casabona.  Mr. Casabona

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