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Shots Across the Bow

End of an era.  After a long, illustrious and decorated career as a cruise industry executive, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings CEO Frank Del Rio is

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Four Florida-based cruise lines have been ordered to pay over $400 million in damages to an American company for “trafficking in stolen property” in Cuba,

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Let’s begin by stating the obvious. There is going to be a good time to be had on any cruise line, as long as you

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12/4/23 From the Bridge-Cruise News

Four Seasons, a legendary band in luxury accommodations, is throwing its hat into the ocean. On November 29th the steel was cut for the inaugural

So You Want to Start a Cruise Line

So you want to start a cruise line Seatradecruise.com is hosting a yearly trade show called Seatrade global, which kicks off on Sunday, March 26th,

Shots Across the Bow

Security on Board Cruise Ships I could only imagine the number of moving parts that must come along with trying to run a cruise ship,

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Cozumel Mexico sits on Mexico’s famous Yukatan Peninsula.  A truly unique destination that offers everything you’d want from the rich history and culture from Mexico,

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Historic Island that it is the smallest body of land that is shared by two nations.  The Dutch Sint Maartin covers approximately 13 square miles

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Cruise News and Articles

Utopia Of The Seas Keel Laying

The Laying of the Keel for RCCL’s Utopia of the Seas The evolution of a cruise ship coming into existence is full of milestones.  As

Guys Burger

Funderstruck Isn’t Just a Marketing Campaign Its also a BURGER.  It wasn’t always a mandatory part of a Carnival Cruise, but over the past 5

Carnival Magic

Trouble In Paradise- A Brawl on Carnival Magic What happens on vacation stays on vacation, expect if it’s a threesome.  At approximately 2am on board

After Several Failed Attempts

After Several Failed Attempts, Heavyset Drunken Cruiser Goes Full Time into Cruise Content “7th times a charm, no?” Said cruise podcaster Tommy Casabona.  Mr. Casabona

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