Utopia Of The Seas Keel Laying

The Laying of the Keel for RCCL’s Utopia of the Seas The evolution of a cruise ship coming into existence is full of milestones.  As passionate cruisers we celebrate them all.  From the moment the ship is even expressed as an idea, many of us follow along as the time passes so slowly (yet so […]

Guys Burger

Funderstruck Isn’t Just a Marketing Campaign Its also a BURGER.  It wasn’t always a mandatory part of a Carnival Cruise, but over the past 5 years or so, it seems like sailing on Carnival and NOT taking a pilgrimage to Flavor Town has become almost sac religious.   We are all now more than familiar with […]

Carnival Magic

Trouble In Paradise- A Brawl on Carnival Magic What happens on vacation stays on vacation, expect if it’s a threesome.  At approximately 2am on board Carnival Magic, a violent brawl involving dozens of passengers lead to mayhem just hours before the ship pulled back into its home port of Manhattan.  Eyewitnesses said that the fight […]

Saint Martin/Sint Maartin

Historic Island that it is the smallest body of land that is shared by two nations.  The Dutch Sint Maartin covers approximately 13 square miles and the French Saint Martin covers the remaining 20.  The Dutch area, while smaller, is more populated while also being noticeably more developed.  There are approximately 75k people that live […]

Cozumel Mexico

Cozumel Mexico sits on Mexico’s famous Yukatan Peninsula.  A truly unique destination that offers everything you’d want from the rich history and culture from Mexico, along with the tropical twist you can only get from being a true Caribbean Island.  While in port in Mexico, there are so many different options in terms of what […]