After Several Failed Attempts

After Several Failed Attempts, Heavyset Drunken Cruiser Goes Full Time into Cruise Content

“7th times a charm, no?” Said cruise podcaster Tommy Casabona.  Mr. Casabona has been underperforming and underdelivering on his claim to be one of the voices of cruising.   Since its inception in November of 2016, Mr. Casabona has mostly confused his audience with curious banter, extended rambling and confusing tangents.  For some reason, he has been able to maintain somewhat of an audience.  While he HAS shown signs of brilliance, he often erases them with sophomoric “humor.”  “Say what you will about me” argues Mr. Casabona, “But I have been kicked off some of the most respectable cruise channels in the world!”  He has a point there

Always Be Booked started in his one-bedroom apartment near downtown Orlando back in November and it’s been quite a ride through multiple cities since.  While his passion for cruising isn’t going anywhere any time soon, neither, it seems, are his 34 listeners.  He does have a strong following on myspace, and his iTunes reviews are solid.  But the plain truth is that Mr. Casabona has been an underachieving loudmouth ever since he purchased his first Blue Yeti microphone on the west side of Manhattan.  No one knows why the Best Buy salesman ever allowed Tommy to purchase a microphone, but once this transaction was complete, it was considered a crime against humanity and the salesman is facing some serious charges as he appears on many prominent billboards throughout Manhattan.

So for now it’s a game of wait and see.  Will the nonsensical podcast find its way to that of something suited for reasonable adults?  We will find out shortly.  Until then

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