Carnival Magic

Trouble In Paradise- A Brawl on Carnival Magic

What happens on vacation stays on vacation, expect if it’s a threesome.  At approximately 2am on board Carnival Magic, a violent brawl involving dozens of passengers lead to mayhem just hours before the ship pulled back into its home port of Manhattan.  Eyewitnesses said that the fight was apparently over an alleged threesome that resulted in spouses and significant others taking exception to the activity.

The conflict started in the ships nightclub and began as a verbal altercation, but things escalated quickly as up to a total of 60 cruisers may have been involved in the squirmish in some form or another.  Bottles were smashed, glasses were thrown and there was pushing, shoving, and punching, however, the cruise line says that there were no serious injuries. 

In an unprecedented turn of events, the cruise line security called the US Coast Guard to give an escort to the ship as it pulled into port.  It was reported that a helicopter was also deployed to see that the ship got safely back into port.  The NYPD was waiting at the port but there is no word as to whether any arrests were made. 

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