Aruba (One Happy Island)

Aruba is a Southern Caribbean constituent country of The Kingdom of the Netherlands. As part of the ABC islands (along with Bonaire and Curacao), Aruba sits just 18 miles north of Venezuela and 50 miles northwest of Curacao. Unlike most Caribbean islands, Aruba has a dry climate with a cactus-rich landscape. Aruba’s popularity is driven by its year-long sunny climate, warm clear water and tourist-friendly infrastructure.

Some of the country’s most popular attractions are its gorgeous beaches. The most populated and mainstream of those are Palm Beach and Eagle Beach. These two are on the main tourist strip and feature most of the island’s hotels and resorts. There is plenty of space, watersports, restaurants, bars and other amenities at both of these beaches. Some of the more remote and secluded options are Baby Beach to the South and Arashi Beach on the northern end of the island.

Aruba is also home to Arikok National Park. This is a very popular area for off-road 4-wheeling where visitors can experience the desert-like landscape that Aruba has to offer. There are plenty of sites to see along the way- such as the colapsed natural bridge, many limestone rock formations, white powder sand dunes and beaches like Boca Grandi and Grapefield.

A very popular hotel in downtown Oranjestad is the Renaissance Hotel. From there you can take a short boat ride to Renaissance Island and enjoy a full day on the beach interacting with the inhabiting flamingo population. These majestic birds will walk right up to you and gladly provide you with some great social media content.

Also available on the island are snorkeling trips, horseback riding, catamaran sailing, submarine expeditions, island tours and some of the best dining options in the Caribbean. Whether its delicious dutch pancakes or dinner with your toes in the sand, Aruba offers world-class cuisine with influences from all over the world.

Best Beaches in Aruba

  • Eagle Beach
  • Palm Beach
  • Manchebo Beach
  • Arashi Beach
  • Baby Beach
  • Boca Catalina
  • Malmok Beach
  • Savaneta Beach
  • Flamingo Beach
  • De Palm Island

Best Restaurants in Aruba

  • Fred Royal Aruba
  • Aquarius
  • L.G. Smith Steak and Chop House
  • Fresco
  • Allegra Bistro
  • Lima Bistro
  • Po-Ke Ono Aruba
  • Senses
  • Ocean Z
  • Mathews Beachside
  • The West Deck

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