One Cruise Line Gives a Fleetwide Pay Raise

In, what you could call, a VERY savvy move, AIDA Cruises announced that the company will give a 5 percent increase to all crew members.  Employees will also receive increased leave for new crew members and an increased wage scale for room stewards. 

The raise will be distributed in two phases.  2.5% will be reflected in their checks starting this February, with the remaining 2.5% in July. 

In a statement to their team, AIDA expressed their gratitude and praised their dedication and effort over the past year.  The company made note that over 7,000 returning employees rejoined the team with an additional 6,000 new hires and they really wanted to show their appreciation for being a part of the AIDA family. 

Financials aside, in an era when many lines are making aggressive cuts, this move is sure to win the hearts and minds of cruise fans everywhere. 

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