Saint Martin/Sint Maartin

Historic Island that it is the smallest body of land that is shared by two nations.  The Dutch Sint Maartin covers approximately 13 square miles and the French Saint Martin covers the remaining 20.  The Dutch area, while smaller, is more populated while also being noticeably more developed.  There are approximately 75k people that live on the north Caribbean Island that sits 190 miles east of the Caribbean.

Saint Martin is known for its gorgeous beaches, mountainous terrain and fascinatingly diverse culture.  You can literally feel the influence of both of its motherlands depending on which part of the island you are on.  St Martin is one of the Yacht capitals of the world and it has endless options when it comes to fine cuisine, tourist attractions, natural wonders and world class shopping. 

Top Things to do

  1.  Beach Day- We will cover the specifics on the islands most popular beaches later, but as an over all attraction, St Marten is full of can’t miss shoreline
  2. Day Charter Yacht Tours
  3. Sky Explorer/Flying Dutchman
  4. Island ATV Tour
  5. Catamaran Tours
  6. Toppers Rum Distillery
  7. Tour Marigot Market
  8. Day Trip to St Barts
  9. Island Tours
  10. Snorkeling
  11. Walk Legendary Front Street
  12. Hike up Fort Louis
  13. St. Martin National Nature Reserve
  14. The View From Pic du Paradis
  15. The Butterfly Farm
  16. Loterie Farm
Best Beaches

1.       Orient Bay
2.       Great Bay
3.       Majo
4.       Baie Rouge Beach
5.       Happy Bay Beach
6.       Grand Case
7.       Dawn Beach
8.       Mullet Bay Beach
9.       Simpson Bay Beach
Best Restaurants

1.       Hot Spot
2.       Spicymilo
3.       Lainez Bakery
4.       Sandy’s Creole Cuisine
5.       Rosemary’s Restaurant
6.       Loterie Farm
7.       Sky’s the Limit
8.       Villa Royale

Must Do’s from Listers

Mary from Georgia-

“Do not leave this place without experiencing majo beach.  Go to sunset grill and watch the planes land just feet away from you.  There is great food, great drinks and a plane schedule to let you know when to have that camera ready”

Jerry from Miami

“we took a land a sea tour.  Started out in an air-conditioned bus with a really helpful tour guide.  WE got to see the entire island and really got feel for the difference between the Dutch and French side.  Then there was also an hour-long catamaran ride

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